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VERSACE, the magazine, Premier Issue (Fall/Winter 2002).

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D&G Fall 2003

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how do you stay motivated and not let anxiety consume you?



I get this ask every time I open my ask and my answer is always the same: sometimes I let my anxiety consume me! It’s not a thing you can avoid sometimes and that’s perfectly fine and human. I am not at my best all of the time and I never get everything I want to do, done. I can’t. I recognize that I will have my off days and sometimes I will fail. Ultimately that makes me feel better and free. I don’t know how I can describe it because it’s not like I have a step by step process. It’s basically a decision: I let myself feel shitty for awhile because you can’t force yourself to feel any way other than the way you feel, and then I decide to fight through it. 

I basically….fight….through everything. I make my anxiety fuel my rage and my rage gets me through anything, because my rage is actually fierce love I have for a future where my friends and I are loved and safe and happy. I fight for that.

That being said, I have also eliminated people from my life who made me feel bad about myself and fucked with my head a lot. I only have people in my life who make space for me and give me what I need when I am anxious and do not cause my anxiety. They motivate me and push me farther and higher and keep me wrapped in love and honesty and that combination is very important and vital.

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